Stop doing vanity CSR. Start enagaging your employees.

Still writing cheques to a few charities every year? Or giving your employees 1 volunteering day every year? Or not doing anything at all?

Traditional CSR programs don’t cut it anymore. New-age employees demand new ways to give back & feel valued. Giving back is not just a buzzword, it can be a strategic advantage to attract, engage and retain top talent.

It’s time to evolve your giving programs. It’s time to enagage your employees. Why not do both at the same time?

Just a few ideas…

1. Start

Let your employees know you care about what they care. Start a simple program to match their contributions to their favorite causes/charities.

2. Break

As organizations grow, so do the walls and communcation barriers. Break them down by providing a commuity-driven channel to let your leadership team enagage with employees.

3. Develop

Provide opportunities to your employees to share their knowledge with others & help them develop important skills such as leadership, listening & empathy.

Looking to create an amazing employee-centric giving program? Let’s connect.

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