Empower others & raise funds for the causes you care about.

Knowledge, expertise and experiences – we all have superpowers. With Nicerr, you can use your superpowers to

  • Mentor or provide career advice to students and young professionals.
  • Help entrepreneurs and business owners grow their ventures.
  • Inspire others with your story.

The best part? All your meetings benefit a charity of your choice.

Why Nicerr

1. Advise…

…people¬†who you can actually benefit, as matches are made based on your profile and preferences. A meeting fee ensures that you meet people committed to valuing your time.

2. You’re in control…

…of when, where and how often you meet. There is no minimum time commitment, and you can change it based on your changing schedule. Oh, and you get to pick your own meeting fee as well.

3. Do good…

… by advising others in your office, at a cafe or over a call. 90% of the meeting fee benefits a charity of your choice. Raising funds for the causes you care about was never this easy.

Yes, I want to give back on Nicerr!

If you are facing issues with the form, please send an email to hello@nicerr.ca