I am a life-long learner who loves meeting inspiring people and Nicerr is an amazing platform to connect with them and support the community at the same time.

It took less than a week from sending a meeting request, and my meeting with Remus went above and beyond my expectations. He was very open to discuss topics I was interested in and answered all questions I had. I definitely recommend Nicerr to everyone, both folks who are looking for some help to succeed as well as those who got it in the past and it is their turn to give back.

Joanna K.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first attempt at a Nicerr meeting. I looked through the people on the platform and immediately identified Brad as being a great opportunity, if he was interested in meeting me.

Fast forward two weeks, the meeting was far more than I expected. Afterwards, I shared the story with an adviser who was shocked that I managed to get facetime with Brad. My experience with Nicerr turned out great, and I highly recommend it to others.

Wesley S.

I met Michael to talk about potential innovative start-up ideas in the oil and gas space and received excellent advice. Michael gave me a ton of ideas, recommended books and gave me an overview of the innovation scene in the industry. Booking the meeting thru Nicerr was super easy and the fees were negligible as compared to the valuable advice I received.

I am now a professional on Nicerr looking to give back advice while supporting a charitable cause and have already recommended this platform to all my friends. I highly recommend this platform to anyone who is genuinely interested in making valuable connections.

Amol V.